Pet Therapy with Sapphire (a Bearded Collie) & Friends
Sapphire enjoying being a Pet Therapy dogPet Partners, a wonderful organization to certify your pet
Pet Therapy can enrich your life activity with your dog. The patients will enjoy it and your dog can have an amazing effect upon those ill or hospitalized. Sapphire and I qualified through Pet Partners and went to Sandy Dubin for our evaluation part of the testing. I found Sandy Dubin and her assistants to be kind and patient with us, as we were very new to all of this. I most recently took her seminar in Santa Clarita at Henry Mayo Hospital, along with Sharon Rendall, and really enjoyed what they were teaching. I always say "You can teach an old dog new tricks!" Always something to learn...

Once we got our papers, we started slowly and went out with other teams to get our "feet wet," and Sapphire has really grown so much in the short time she has been doing it. You can really tell when she bonds with someone and it just makes your heart sing