Bearded Collie Articles about the Bearded Collie


  Sterilization by Myrna Milani
  Breeding for a Healthier Future by Wendy Hines (Ramsgrove Beardies)
  In-breeding and the Beardie by Wendy Hines
  The Modern Bearded Collie by Denise Barley (Runival Beardies)
  Super Puppy Exercises
  How to Train your Dog - **Warning this is about super aggressive dogs..
  I was asked to include an article about how to train your dog for a youth center that was going to be running a dog wash to raise money for their center. They were worried about being bit by an aggressive dog. The teacher mailed me and asked me if I'd post this article that her student Alex found and in return, if I did it, because the teacher (Kayla) reached out to me, proving if we reach out and simply ask, things can be accomplished, that she proved her CAN happen! Kayla's email was so impressive that I couldn't say "No." Here's the article.
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